Through the keyhole with Laura Arias

This month it's Laura Arias's turn to invite us through the keyhole to her studio. We put our questions to Laura:

Describe where you live?

I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Recently I bought a beautiful apartment but it is being repaired in this moment. So, by now I work in many places; if there is a wifi connection, I’ll be there with my Mac! I love the beach! but is not near home. I try to go whenever I can, to get fun, rest my mind and take a thousand of photographs to inspire me in my work.

What do you do when you're not working?

Really I have not much free time. When you work freelance is difficult to stop at any time. But otherwise I must have a connection with life! so whenever it 's possible, I try to spend time with my friends to compensate so many hours of work. On Saturdays, I usually read stories to kids, as a member of a help group, at “Hospital Gutierrez¨. The idea is to keep their minds out of their reality  and play with them. A time ago, I was teaching in the Buenos Aires University, in the Graphic Design career and it was an amazing experience. I taught illustration in some workshops for little children, too. So I believe that in a very close future I will continue teaching. I have also a music band! I’m the lead singer in "Ambar", a group of four friends who sing pretty songs under faint night lights.

What sort of music do you like

The best music for me is jazz, I love Stace Kent, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, and recently Michael Buble too. Jazz has in me a duality: If you’re happy, is fantastic, but if you feel bad, its your passport for sadness. In that case, automatically I change the music to some soundtrack films, Metric, Soda Stereo, and little bit a pop music. I always dream to sing in a Disney´s movie. I don’t know if its going to become real but, just in case, these songs are in my playlist.

What was the last film you saw at the cinema

Really I don´t remember the last film I have seen and I love going to the cinema, but, we'll leave this mystery unsolved…I can say that I’m a big fan of the “Twilight Saga”, so after reading the books and knowing the end of the story I can’t wait to see the movie! I guess I’ll  bribe some of my friends to go and watch it with me, just like I did with the other ones.

Who/what makes you laugh

Definitively my friends. We share a lot of things, similar professions, music, stories, and more. I like to take photographs of "those moments" and put them anywhere in my house. These photographs are the best medicine! So when I feel tired I stop, make myself a cup of tea and look at the pictures in my wall…they’re my company no matter the moment of the day. And just like that, without even thinking about it, the memories come back to me and a big smile appears on my face with a soft giggle that breaks the silence of the room.

If one illustrator inspires you who would that be

Probably everyone say the same, but the absolutely truth is that’s very difficult to choose only one person as the illustrator I want to be. During all this years, I have learn a lot by looking into several illustrator´s books, finding out new technics, details. I continue being a student watching their books and asking miself how they could do that! I try to keep in mind lot of references and nice works so I can go back to them when I have a new project. I like to think I can be versátile. Any way, If I have to choose one ilustrador it would be Oliver Jeffers; he illustrates, writes and he’s very handsome!..but I think he is married ….we'll… we can't request everything from him.

If you won the lottery tomorrow what do predict you'd be doing in a year's time?

This year taught me that we can't predict anything, for better or worse…I suppose that if  I won the lottery I wouldn't say it to anyone and I'd suprise the people I love with things I know they'd like to have. But beyond all, with or without money, I wish next year finds me HAPPY!